theabbasi: What is your normal method of drawing/ coloring ?

Depends on the pic and what I feel like, but lately i do flats (one layer for each color), and then above each of those color layers i make a new layer set to clipping (I use SAI btw), and block in some rough/basic shading.

When I’m all done with that, I go back to each layer, flats and shading, lock them as I go, and use a watercolor brush to add lighter and darker colors to make things pretty and interesting to look at.

When the colors are all done, I usually make a new layer above my lineart, set that to clipping as well, and add some color to the lines as well. And sometimes I’ll add white hightlights on a layer above all that.

I use textures a lot too! My favorites are SAI’s marble pt.2 and then some rust textures I got from a site somewhere (the url escapes me atm, i’ll find it later).

Of course, my coloring methods do vary from time to time, and depends on the style of how I wanna color. For the drawing itself, usually just lots of doodling until I get something I like, and then I lower the opacity, make a new folder, and do the lineart on several layers to keep things neat.

I’m sorry if this isn’t the best explanation, I probably wouldn’t be able to explain properly unless I had some progress shots and did a walkthrough. Which, I suppose, I could do if you were interested! You could also drop by any time when I’m streaming art as well, that would probably help understand what I mean. And if you’re interested in that, I am streaming right now! (which is another reason why this ask might sound a little rushed, sorry again!)

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doing an art-fic trade with phoenn! here’s part 1 of my half, the main snk trio uwu
colored during the stream, which is still going on!

doing an art-fic trade with phoenn! here’s part 1 of my half, the main snk trio uwu

colored during the stream, which is still going on!

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stream time!

gonna color some crap and maybe doodles later idk. But uh yeah drop by for a bit if you’d like, I’d appreciate the company!

Same rules as always, just be courteous in the stream and we’re all good.

I’m doing last minute set-up stuff, should be good to go in a minute or two. Hope to see you there!

Jul 30, 2014
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quick juri umu

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some pokelines

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some scribbles :UU same palmon and impmon from before.

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shsl--despair: Your style is so cute and bouncy I love it! Do you have any Digimon ocs? ovo

Hello! Sorry for being slow to reply, I wasn’t able to get online yesterday umu;;;

Hm, yeah I guess you could say I do! I rarely ever do anything with them other than doodle them, but I do occasionally get little plot bunnies floating around my mind for them. I don’t usually talk about them much unless asked haha.

And thank you! :D

Jul 28, 2014
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my favorite dragon

my favorite dragon

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